*** bearing
2017/7/10 16:18:40
      Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, *** Group is a leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. Sven Wingquist invented the double-row automatic ball bearing in 1905, and in 1907 founded Svenska Kullargerfabriken Swedish ball bearing manufacturing company, referred to as ***. The company's business is thriving with this epoch-making invention in the history of mechanical engineering. By the end of this year's 100th anniversary, *** still adheres to its established tenet and continues to develop and serve the world.
current situation
       *** is the world's leader in the rolling bearing industry. It has a global reach and operates in 130 countries around the world. It produces more than 500 million bearings every year and has a worldwide sales network. Currently

       It has 200 branches, 80 manufacturing plants, 41,000 employees and 8,000 agents and distributors. *** also manufactures and sells bearing steel and other high quality special steels. In addition, the *** Group continues to focus on the research and development of the bearing industry, with an average of two new patents available every two days. The *** Group is also the first bearing company to pass the ISO14001 environmental certification. The certification covers more than 60 manufacturing units in 17 countries.

*** has developed in recent years

       On January 31, 1989, the investment review meeting passed the investment case of *** Group's Taiwan subsidiary, *** Co., Ltd., and on February 18 of the same year, it obtained the for-profit business registration certificate, and immediately established branches in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. Established in the center of the three-fold warehouse, responsible for the distribution of goods. The company's sales system is integrated into the computer system designed and planned by the headquarters to provide prompt and correct services. We sell bearings, oil seals and related products produced by ***'s original factory in Taiwan, aiming at providing customers with comprehensive and satisfactory products and services.
       *** *** has been deeply cultivating the local market for many years, and its business scale has grown steadily, providing customers with a full range of services. Due to ***'s requirements for product quality and service level, we have become the leader in the bearing industry. The ultimate goal is to continuously improve and improve through the operation of quality system to maintain the position of market leader and provide customers with worry-free operation. Service system.
       The main customer base is from the steel, paper, cement, plastic and various OEM manufacturers. In addition, *** Taiwan also provides the following technologies to customers: technical consulting and bearing selection, bearing repair, bearing assembly / processing, technical training. For the company's future prospects, it will be transformed from a former bearing supplier into a diversified company combining linear slides, oil seals, lubricants and remote detection, system maintenance, etc., and has successively designed and developed various models for many domestic players. Axis, from design development, manufacturing and assembly to operational measurement or repair equipment, can provide complete service to customers.
       In addition, in order to create customer value and provide a standard of service for customers in the Taiwan market and establish a model of bearing service, in recent years, the company has established a reliability system department in parallel with Europe and the United States, and integrated the core experience of factory maintenance of software, hardware and data, and implemented a full range. The service is to give customers peace of mind. The well-trained technical service group is distributed in North Central South, providing bearing application engineering knowledge and technical workshops, bringing customers the most advanced bearing selection software, assembly and disassembly maintenance tools, monitoring equipment and technical consultation, online dynamic balancing, The laser is on the heart, and even reduces the whole plant maintenance and solution for the loss of equipment in the whole plant. And the use of global computer network technology to quickly and effectively provide customers with a full range of services, these are our continued to maintain the industry's first service, quality first guarantee.